Pipe Testing Superintendent

Job Overview:  The Pipe Testing Superintendent ensures overall safe execution of hydro test and pneumatic test of piping systems, supervision of foreman and craft personnel. Superintendent should be capable of overseeing multiple hydrostatic and pneumatic testing crews.  Superintendent must understand risks and hazards associated to hydro and pneumatic testing. Knowledge of codes ASME B31.3, ANSI B16.5 and PCC-2 (sections related to testing) are added advantage though not essential.   Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities:   Place an emphasis on Safe execution of all pressure tests, follow safety procedures and pressure testing work method statement. Should be able to control quality of work being executed at site, production and turnover of pipe testing systems Must be able to plan and schedule field testing activities. This includes daily and weekly plans along with handover to Night Shift Testing team. Should have sufficient knowledge of piping components, bolt tightening, piping supports Should be able to plan for temporary materials / equipment and initiate actions for getting right materials on site. Prepare mitigation and action plan for accelerated testing schedule The candidate should have sound knowledge of Piping test pack contents, systems set ups, Isometrics and P&ID's. Should have sufficient experience of Air Compressors / Driers and Booster skids along with their maintenance and upkeep. Should have knowledge of all temporary materials used for testing purposes like but not limited to testing manifolds, hoses, fittings, blinds, gauges etc. To manage temporary materials and look ahead for material shortages and be able react to them before they become an issue and impact the schedule To follow through with the test pack documentation and sign off by QA/QC once the testing is completed. Must understand a correct set up of hydro and pneumatic testing systems, location of PSV's, hose injection points, depressurization sequence and safe filling and bleed pressure for hydrostatic tests. Must understand how to maintain large exclusion zones for pneumatic tests i.e. barricades, spotter locations, test control center and managing controlled access to the exclusion zones. Should have full knowledge of high pressure and high volume pneumatic test set up and able to guide and train people under him. Must understand how to identify inferior and defective testing equipment in cases where wrong equipment is being used. Must be aware of how to conduct work adjacent to live plants and understand permit systems Should be flexible on timing as majority of pneumatic test packs are conducted during the break hours and shift handover periods. Desired/Preferred Qualifications:  10 - 15+ years heavy industrial/construction mechanical and piping installation experience to include large/small bore and instrument piping systems and supports, equipment setting. 1808924
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
11 - 15 years

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